Estelle Oddo

The volunteer “posse” team delved deeply into the homicide of Estelle Oddo. The facts have been discovered. Had they been acted upon back then, other lives would surely have been saved. Even the investigating detectives were deceived by the “upper echelon” to prevent arrests, convictions, and public awareness.

Estelle Oddo, 58, was found dead in her apartment on October 23, 1966. Mrs. Oddo lived on the first floor of an apartment building that was west of Miami Shores in unincorporated Dade County. An anonymous caller to the Dade Sheriff’s Office reported a burglary in progress. Responding deputies found Mrs. Oddo bound, gagged, and bruised from a scuffle. She had suffocated on the gagging.


Items apparently stolen included personal jewelry and her late husband’s European firearm. The intruder had entered Mrs. Oddo’s apartment through the rear sliding glass door.


The murder was never solved. However, the volunteers have recently found startling connections between what happened to Mrs. Oddo and what happened to a number of others, including Danny Goldman.


In the apartment two doors down lived George DeFeis and his alleged wife Shirley. However Shirley was actually Shirley Cacciatore. Also known as Shirley Poveromo, mother of Anita Poveromo. While Mr. and Mrs. DeFeis were being questioned in their apartment, Joe Cacciatore walked in – he apparently had a key or was otherwise welcome as a frequent “guest”.


On the day following the death of Mrs. Oddo, George DeFeis suffered a gunshot would to the hand. He said it was self inflicted. He refused to provide the firearm. Later, Shirley DeFeis Cacciatore showed detectives a pistol she brought from under the couch, a Beretta .32 auto. Was DeFeis shot in the hand as punishment for making a phone call?


The anonymous call to the police was recorded. A sample recording of the voice, on the same telephone equipment, was later made of George DeFeis. After a subterfuge of intrigue at the Sheriff’s Office, confirmation was received by the upper echelon but not passed along to homicide detectives working the case: the anonymous caller was George DeFeis. Voice prints on tape were a match.


There was a call made following the burglary/kidnapping/murder of Danny Goldman. There was a call made following the burglary/murder of Gertrude Henschel. There was a call made following the burglary/murder of Estelle Oddo. Point of entry: sliding glass doors.


No one was ever arrested or prosecuted for the murder of Estelle Oddo. Same for the others… seems George DeFeis was involved at the core of all of these crimes.  He was a member of the Santo Trafficante network, established by the volunteer investigation. When the killer of Sgt. Cloud in Tampa drove from that crime to Miami, he went to see George DeFeis.  The top levels of law enforcement in Miami-Dade County ignored the connections then, and continue to do so today.


These photos show where Mrs. Oddo lived, and where she was murdered; photos taken in 2013 as part of scene investigation done by the volunteer cold case team. The premises are intact as they were in 1966.