Seeking Answers: Landon's Fate and the Bigger Picture

Apparently one of the means of retribution and intimidation employed by OC was to "disappear" or murder a young person. Did Lanny run away? Is he a "missing person"? Or was he murdered, and if so, why and by whom? Was it to silence someone who knew too much? Fair questions, particularly in light of what we now know about other cases, the common players, and surrounding circumstances.

Someone who did know too much was the Sheriff of Dade County in 1966. Although he was indicted the system was worked in his favor and he was never tried or convicted. He kept a low profile after being forced out of Office. That is, until a decade later when he decided to run for judge and was publicly circulating once again. One night he was the victim of an accident, or so the story goes; he was run over by a car. This is another case we have under active investigation. We have reason to believe that the former Sheriff's death was not an accident. Some details are being made available on this site. In the '70s, people were still dying for things that had happened in the '60s.

Whether disguised as a kidnapping, a drug overdose, a missing person, or a small boat lost at sea, the murder of a young person as part of a scheme to protect corruption and organized crime is a crime of the most dreadful order.

Daniel Goldman. Anita Poveromo. Landon DeRiggi. Russell Rolnick. 

Any such crime or suspicious death warrants truly earnest investigation. 

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