Family & Friends Statements

“Justice, Justice you shall pursue`` Deuteronomy 16:11. Why is the noun repeated? So that we may commit to ``pursuing`` justice, even when it is elusive, and never give up.

Paul... Kol HaKavod! Good job. You and your volunteers should celebrate your achievement. We are proud of you.”

Rabbi Eliot H. Pearlson
Temple Menorah, Synagogue of the Goldman family, where Danny celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, Miami Beach
January 2022

“First and foremost, I want to thank you on behalf of the Goldman Family for your tireless effort in closing the disappearance of our cousin Danny. We truly appreciated the unselfish work of your team. Forever grateful.”

Kenny Goldman
December 29, 2021

“This courageous work has been incredible and much appreciated.”

The Goldman Family
August 2013

“The Goldman family wishes to express their deepest appreciation and sincere gratitude to this dedicated group of civic leaders who have worked tirelessly to reopen the case of the horrific kidnapping of our cousin, Danny Jess Goldman. For 47 years our family has lived with not knowing what happened to Danny. While most of us were too young to remember our cousin, we do remember him with much affection. Sadly, our aunt and uncle have passed away and never had closure with this terrible family tragedy. Hopefully some final conclusion can be discovered and we can close this sad chapter in our family’s history.”

The Goldman Family
October 2012

“We appreciate all of the kindness people have shown and wish to express our thanks. We also hope that if enough interest is kept alive, someone, somewhere might hear or see something that might be of help to us”.

Sally Goldman
Danny’s Mother

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